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Bodoland Territorial Council has started Paragliding adventure Sports from 2013 Baukhungri Festival and since then , we have been finally spotted at international paragliding map.

Bodoland Tourism generating employment by building opportunities on paragliding to local youth and making them self employed and department being supportive and motivating them to ensure that they are equipped with all the techniques in safe flying. Bodoland tourism has owned three Paragliding Pilots and launched for commercial flies regularly at Onthai Gufur (Dangdhufur), Kokrajhar.

In keeping all the views in respect adventure tourism, we proposed for organizing the 1st Bodoland Paragliding Championship 2019 FAI CAT-2 at international level for identification and promotional purposes.

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Dwijing Festival

The Dwijing Festival organized jointly by Assam tourism department, Assam Tourism Development Corporation (ATDC) and Bodoland Tourism is an annual river fest that takes place in Chirang, Assam from 27th December to 7th January. The festival was initially started by the Bodo community in the year 2016-2017 with the title of “AIE RIVER WINTER FESTIVAL”. The great response and massive footfall of the initial year gave the festival a place in Assam's annual celebration calendar. The festival found a new identity and name "Dwijing Festival" originating from the fact that it occurs on the river bed of "AIE" with "Dwi" meaning "River" and "Zing" meaning "Bank".

The magnanimous river “AIE” meaning “MOTHER” starts from the Himalayan Mountains of Bhutan flowing through the Chirang and Bongaigaon districts of Assam joining river Brahmaputra before falling into its final destination, the Bay of Bengal. The river plays a vital role to near about 30000 families in the Chirang district for their daily livelihoods.

This event is also so popular as it embraces around December and January making it the "New Year Festival" of the state.

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