About Bodoland Tourism

About Bodoland Tourism

Bodoland is the gateway to the beautiful North Eastern Region of India with its sheer diversity of culture, traditions, natural surroundings & biosphere. The spectacular stretch of Manas National Park at the foothills of Bhutan is the sweet heaven for rare fauna and exotic flora and many endemic wildlife species, and a perfect place for Birding.

The Baukungri hill trekking and Dangdhupur Hill Station being the only place in the entire North East India to offer Paragliding are the exiting adventure for the tourists.

The peace and tranquility of the Deeplai bheel is a rare and shooting experience to relax and enjoy.

The Wonderful Fact

The Very Fact about the region is that most of its land is filled with jungles and forests which lies unexplored and untouched. Explorers from the rest of the world are yet to reach the deepest and darkest place of it. For which it is mostly unknown to the world how many species of Birds, Animals and Fishes are stocked in this region.

Rare wild animals such as Golden Langur, Capped Langur, Pigmy Hog, Great Indian One Horned Rhino, Elephants, various speicies of Deer, various species of Cats, Barbets, various species of Hornbills, Wild Ducks, Butterflies, Snakes etc. are the commonly found in the region. Many migratory birds also do visit this heavenly place in their respective seasons


Other than these what awaits behind the dept of the jungle is yet Untouched And Unexplored.

Tourists can make a adventurous trips to variours places to enjoy the Rafting and enjoy Paragliding to touch the heights of their excitement by flying up in the sky.

Beside these adventurous wild explorations families can also visit various places for site seeings and to worship in Temples for their Blessed Vacations . One can enjoy the beautiful fusion of the diverse Culture And Tradions of the region during the festive season in winter and spring.

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