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Mahamaya Dham And Shnan Ghat Temples

Mahamaya Dham Located at Bogribari about 24 Kms from Kokrajhar town, Mahamaya temple is regarded as the greatest Pithas for Hindu pilgrims in the lower Assam. The temple is second to Kamakhya temple of Guwahati in terms of pilgrims and tourists. The history of the temple dates back to the years when the local Zamindars(Landlord) of Parvatjora like Kacharis, Koches and Nath used to traditionally worship Goddess Mahamaya and gradually received wide acceptance. if you happen to visit during Durga Puja, you can witness the 400 year told tradition of animal sacrifice. Shnan Ghat Temple Located a few Kilometers from the main temple near the river, Mahamaya Shnan Ghat temple is the place where Goddess Mahamaya was believed to have taken bath. Therfore now known as Shnanghat. Beautifully crafted, this temple has other places of worship with temples dedicated to Gods and Goddesses like Naba Graha, Bathou, Shani Maharaj etc. Every year, in the month of January, the temple priests perform the Shakti Yagya. Be there to feel the divine vibe. How to Reach FROM KROKRAJHAR   38 KMS 40 MINS NEAREST AIRPORT LGBI AIRPORT, GUWAHATI 222 KMS 3 HRS 46 MINS NEAREST RAILHEAD KOKRAJHAR 38 KMS 40 MINS NEAREST TOWN KOKRAJHAR 38 KMS 40 MINS ...
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